Conversion of the Industry-System towards an Organization in Concept 4.0

“The company has started a project of integration of operational processes and information flows between departments. The main objective of the investment project is the optimization of the production process, through the integration of the data flow between departments and the improvement of the monitoring of work activities, aimed at business growth oriented in a 4.0 key. Starting with the purchase of a new hot chamber die casting machine, the investment then involves the installation of a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) able to coordinate the machinery with each other in terms of operations and data flow. “


Since 1979 COSVECO Srl has developed, manufactured and produced Solutions in DIE-CAST ZAMAK.

Die-casting of the ZAMAK alloy is ideal for the production of items that require elegance, solidity, durability and above all reduced dimensional tolerances.

Using ZAMAK instead of other materials in the die casting process offers several advantages:

1) Mechanical properties similar to aluminium and brass but with a lower fusion temperature and an easier casting process;
2) Compared to aluminium and magnesium fusion, it has better dimensional accuracy and better finishes, as well as thinner walls;
3) It has better strength and hardness compared to plastic materials;

Always evolving and able to employ all the most modern technologies in the sector thanks to qualified personnel prepared to meet the most varied and innovative market requests, COSVECO Srl operates successfully in all industrial sectors and collaborates with leading international companies.

The production processes are in line with the standards of the Cosveco quality manual guaranteed and certified ISO 9001-2015

FOCUS on the customer: Customized solutions, guaranteed timing, constant quality, qualified personnel supported by all the most modern technologies.

Always available to study your requests with special attention to all the main aspects of supply.


From the idea to the finished product

COSVECO Srl is able to offer a complete and professional high-level service by processing internally all the phases, from the initial idea to the finished product.

Feasibility analysis, mould design and construction, die-casting of zamak components and surface treatment are all processes carried out within the Cosveco production departments.

We are also able to guarantee all the necessary finishing or additional workings thanks to a wide range of selected and qualified partner companies.

A single referent with prompt and concrete answers

Passion, investments in technology, staff training to ensure absolute competitiveness in terms of time and cost of construction.